The Curse of Covid, a poem by Peg Prendeville at
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The Curse of Covid

The Curse of Covid

written by: Peg Prendeville


When someone goes to hospital
It was the natural thing to do
To go and sit beside them
And bring them all the news.
That was the way it used to be
Til Coronavirus came
And got rid of nightly visits.
It should hang its head in shame.

We’re now left with window visits
Or talking on the phone
No tender touch to ease the fear
For each person is alone
With only latex touch for comfort
From a kind and caring nurse
With blue gowns and masks and shields
To keep out that wretched curse.

We all are longing for the day
When normal times return again
And we can hug and kiss our loved ones
Without fear of killing them.
I pray that day will come quite soon
Meantime I hope and pray and trust
That all the people we love so much
Will understand why we cannot touch.

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