Always Darkest Before Dawn, a poem by Amanda Steel at
Anastasiia Vedmedenko

Always Darkest Before Dawn

Always Darkest Before Dawn

written by: Amanda Steel



Skipping through endless nights
Trying to keep the spring in my step
Letting the cocoon change me
When this is over, will I be a butterfly?
Or a moth, with all my colours stripped bare
Still searching for that elusive light

None of us will be who we were
Some changed for the better
Others shown in their true light
Judged by our actions
What we did on that endless night
Holding out a torch or stealing all the candles

Every winter has a Christmas
To make the cold more bearable
All storms lead to calm
When the worst is over
All nights lead to daybreak
A new day will arrive

Decide who you want to be
And hold on your dreams
If you can’t find your way through
Remember, it’s always darkest before dawn
Close your eyes and breathe
Open your mind and just be

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