The Story of a Disabled Little Girl, poetry by Tylia Flores at
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The Story of a Disabled Little Girl

The Story of a Disabled Little Girl

written by: Tylia Flores



Holding onto my teddy bear,
I grasp, as the big automatic doors open,
Looking around as I see jungle animals on the wall,
A receptionist’s desk I sit down next to an empty seat in the corner
Look at all the toys and think, wow, all these toys are for me
As the brown door opens, a nurse wearing heart-patterned scrubs approaches me and says my name.
Flores, Tylia
Reality kicks in. I am not the normal little girl that I think I am.
I’m in something called a wheelchair because I can’t walk and have to wear braces on my feet with pink straps.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I know I’m different from most
I can still play with Barbies and have a little laugh and still get a bit sad,
I can still play on the playground and swing on the swings. It may take me a while.
But I’ll get to where I need to be
I can still be your best friend, but you may have to push me around with your hands if I get too weak.
I still have a favorite color just like you and that is pink
I still like vegetables, especially carrots with ranch
I still like to play kickball and run around the bases in my wheelchair so don’t be afraid to ever ask me to come and play.
I still like to watch funny movies, and I hate scary ones because they make me jump
I’m just like you the only difference I’m a little girl that uses a wheelchair to get around from place to place and I don’t understand why just yet, but I hope that one day I could understand, but for now I’ll just simply be Tylia

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