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Egg And Seed

Egg and Seed

written by: Don Knowles



Each man has uncounted seeds
Each woman has her eggs
But surprisingly
These fertile gifts
Are meant for more than duplication
They are a gift inside left dormant
Blessings paused to give birth within
They hibernate until that day
When certain miracles come our way
Awakening from a somber slumber
These sparks and quarks take shape
One man will paint his landscapes
This woman will write her play
From deep inside it pulls on out
The rush created by a shout
That eureka moment in the light
You kept it in just out of fright
It knows it’s time
It knows the place
A spotlight shines down on her face
The aria she sings will swell and swoop
Her notes chase doubts all back to hell
So tend and toil for patience holds your virtue
That seed within
The egg encased
Hold the miracles of the human race


Awaken for our new year the gifts all living inside you!

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