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written by: Genie Nakano



you've been holding
on too long
pour it on, I need rain
for my droughtful mind

picking, poking
on myself
I'm all right
and so is he
I'm not a Buddha yet

look in the mirror
add crèam and color
to hell with it old gal—
let your wrinkles smile
let it go, let me be me

a blinkin’ wink
for a merry old sun
as clouds drift out of mind
a rainbow arcs
across a Monet sky

there’s more
to let out of this cage
the zebra goes first
then others follow—
some crawl, swim, some even fly

take a break for care
have some gingered tea
make non-sense
out of sense
let it go…

Genie Nakano

Genie Nakano

Genie Nakano loves to write. She is a journalist for Rafu Shimpo and has written 3 books of tanka and several yoga books. Tanka is a five line short poem originating in Japan over a thousand years ago. Currently she teaches, Tanka, Gentle Yoga and Meditation at the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Center in Gardena, California. She recently moved to Gardena where she lives with her husband and two dogs. She is enjoying her new life.
Genie Nakano

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