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Age Has A Way

written by: Katy Santiff 


A funny, feline thing--
age has a way
of curling its
paws around you,
retracted claws
and warm, cracked pads
against your cheek.
Wrapped up like a
favorite toy, a mouse,
and even when within
you feel so weak,
there's sureness in that
grip, a steady pulse--
that when within
you're breathing still
and will for a while
before the cull,
encapsulated null.

Katy Santiff

Katy Santiff

Katy Santiff has written poetry in various forms all her life. She believes in densely-packed poems, preferring them to be mouthfuls when read aloud. A lifelong Marylander, she loves water-side living. She currently lives in Edgewater, Maryland with her wife. Her published poems can be found in Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine and Spillwords Press.
Katy Santiff

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