Genie Nakano

Kaze, a tanka written by Genie Nakano at


Kaze written by: Genie Nakano @genieyogini   the wind blowing through my hair there is so little time let's jump above the gust and dance with the ...
Bionic, a tanka written by Genie Nakano at


Bionic written by: Genie Nakano @genieyogini   my orthopedic surgeon with his deep blue eyes stimulates bionic growth my prosthetic hip hurdles Mt....
Rebirth, a tanka written by Genie Nakano at


Rebirth written by: Genie Nakano @genieyogini   in the sauna purging last night's sins as the sweat rolls down my breasts forgiven and feeling fine...
Genie Nakano

Genie Nakano

Writing tanka is my passion, joy, therapy and confession. My tanka appear in the Rafu Shimpo, a Japanese American International Journal and many Tanka Journals. Currently I teach Yoga and Zumba at the Japanese Cultural Center in Gardena and have a website: GenieNakano.