Corner Windows, poetry written by Genie Nakano at
Tarik Haiga

Corner Windows

Corner Windows

written by: Genie Nakano



my corner windows
where I watch the world
I see you
yet, you can’t see me
Hiroshige scenes come to life

my corner windows
where I watch plum trees
flowers and herbs
grow and thrive
inhale gratitude, exhale peace

I’m the fool
on the hill who knows
the world outside
is not the same
as it used to be

no more
playing hide and seek
on urban streets
amber alerts sounding off
better to play on a screen inside

there’s always hope
I heard someone say
So I hope someday
a smile is not an invitation
and children can play in the sun

until that day
I thank my corner windows
the flowers and the trees
I do my best to let them thrive
oum shanti shanti oum

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