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written by: Genie Nakano



Is it the grey mist
or the cold that makes
the barren rose bushes,
the cement, and the earth wet

while wishful roses
and I wait for the magic of the day
the cold is fresh
the mist mystical

be like water
flow into my glass
one day I will wake up singing
the darkness will turn to light

tears of sorrow
will be flooded with tears of joy
for they go hand in hand
I will see the black and white
merging in the sand
until then
I sit and wait inside
until rain drops color thirsty petals
and death “blows faraway”

Dear gods
are you there
perhaps you are arguing
at the moment
please do not judge us
give us a chance to live
it’s so hard
living in fear
if I, he, she, they,
will be the ones
it’s so hard
not to open the door to talk
stand six feet apart
because you may be the one

So today
we elders sat outside in the mist
six of us – six feet apart
we drank champagne
clinking to health and life
our fears suspended
we laughed until the rain poured down
then no more goodbye hugs
went back inside

Rain dear rain – pour your magic
wash this nightmare away
May we live in peace
May we live in light



This was prompted by a magazine article about now we should namaste instead of hand shaking–I agree.

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