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A Child Wedding

A Child Wedding

written by: Prakash Nagarajan


The ceremony was on,
overseen by a priest and village hanger-ons,

of a marriage fixed and soon to be performed.

Drums beat and trumpets blew,
and amidst it all, she sat to little clue,

Innocent to her fate, oblivious to a call,

A gift given, promise taken,
mesmerized by a toy,
that shiny little ball,
holding her in a truly magical thrall.

How would the little one even have known,
she was being forsaken
by those whom she must have thought to be her very own.

Prakash Nagarajan

Prakash Nagarajan

Prakash Nagarajan is an upcoming author from India. Though reticent by nature, he is a keen observer of Life, and coupled with his penchant for writing, he often puts to paper his thoughts, views and observations in an easy and flowing manner. He has till date to his credit self-published a novellete, a novella, and scores of short-stories. His latest offering, Different skies..., an assortment of short stories, has been widely acclaimed.
Prakash Nagarajan

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