The Long Good Night, poetry written by Elizabeth Barton at

The Long Good Night

The Long Good Night

written by: Elizabeth Barton



Sinking into the long good night
Warmed by a lover’s extravagant kiss,
His little words entice with promises
Neatly gifted like a velvet tomb,
A brevity of shadows wrap up life
To keep the prick of interest alive.

All the days of waiting for unwritten wishes
To find wing and unfold in vivid play,
That writhe and dance to a stale tune
Still gaze demurely at the empty sky.

A cave of echoes fills with slow goodbyes,
A wreath of broken hopes and flighty words
Threads like a shroud her pale visage
Searching in a vaulted sky;
Now trembling on a pillow of thorns
She sighs regrets to the long good night.

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