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written by: M J Christie


Blood red wine passes through eager lips
lingers on your tongue sensuous and evocative
before sliding hungrily down your throat
its warmth swells your contemplation
musings on phenomena you can’t control
her absence of empathy her disregard
his vulnerable receptive mind so easily injured
hidden tears buried inside a question
the answer to which puzzles even you Words flow
from brain to fingers onto white screen
how much of it makes sense your wine-washed
perception has no clue but at least it helps
to put the words down eradicate them from your
struggle to comprehend Love holds you both captive

M J Christie

M J Christie

A writer of novel-length fiction, M J Christie recently became addicted to writing shorter fiction – the shorter the better – and poetry. The UK’s Lincolnshire Coast provides the backdrop and inspiration for M J’s writing, giving focus and meaning to everyday life.
M J Christie

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