Brush Sigh Sleep, poetry by J. Iner Souster at

Brush Sigh Sleep

Brush Sigh Sleep

written by: J. Iner Souster



We’ve all seen those people pass us by
often, we kiss them goodnight or good morning
A subtle glance when we look in the mirror
with defects from past experiences and imperfections yet to come
what most of us fail to understand, aside from love, life, and love,
is that we are already born with scars
sometimes they take a while to stand out just right
The correct lighting, on a proper day, of course,
it exposes a membrane of skin so thin, revealing our innermost secrets
to cover up your identity, taking more, hiding from others, giving less,
a coating of protection, helping to weigh us down
But it keeps us from being hurt, time and time again,
it prevents our tiny wings from fluttering
unable to fly, lost in the familiar old dark hole,
deep down inside our minds, we go, we go,
running around in circles, away from our apprehensions,
ending up back in the same place, behind our fears
stuck here in that loop forever, and a day
one more time around. Now we are alone once more,
But at least we’re alone together. Lost is for another day.

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