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Peaceful Storm Within

written by: Debasish Parashar



Peaceful storm within
Hush, hush, hush!
Peaceful storm within the doors
Locked and knocked and closed
By an invalid apparition of faith
Colorblind yet red
Like bedsheets in display with honor-stains
Shut, shut, shut
The doors of time
And feel
The peaceful storm within.

Iago is awake...
Smiles and threats
Blinks and beats
Oh Lucifer!
Let God be free
From the grasp of sceptics and politicians
And let Faustus live
Let Milton's but blind
Cry in the prisons of law
Psalms and heroic couplets in un-free verse
The Tree of Knowledge
Leave it forbidden!
You talk of evidence?
Evidence we don't need
Truth we don't see
But from one dimension
The closer we move
The more we move away
Let us have sweet Hamlock
Let us burn in icy fire and redeem...

Be silent and watch
The Prince in his progress
With a peaceful storm within?

Debasish Parashar

Debasish Parashar

Debasish Parashar is an art and culture enthusiast, singer, lyricist, multilingual poet based in New Delhi, India. He is an Assistant Professor of English literature at the University of Delhi. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Advaitam Speaks Literary journal. He hassung for 'In Search of God' and 'Raag'. His write-up on Majuli has been listed amongst top 100 online #worldheritagesites stories globally in May 2016 by Agilience Authority Index. His works have appeared in Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Scarlet Leaf Review, Enclave/Entropy, Praxis magazine, Expound, Indiana Voice Journal, Asian Signature, Five2One, Mused, Gazeta National (Albanian translations), Muse India, The Australia Times and elsewhere. Debasish's works are featured in three international anthologies namely 'Where Are You From ?' (English/Persian) (New York), 'Apple Fruits of an Old Oak' (U.S.A) and 'Dandelion in a Vase of Roses' (U.S.A).
Debasish Parashar

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