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Pros of Prose

written by: Rob Clark



My Poetry ?????

...well, it's...

Raw emotion - Its Inscripted Description
Revealing healing scars and a bleeding heart
Yet still, Full of a Will
yielding endless skies spilling stars
into wishes....
I write for those who hope,
since I am a dreamer too.

I was there
so I write about it,
and how I spread my wings too.
A night full of flight.

Dreams without seams awaken an idle passion
that dances across a keyboard,
while straining eyes scream for rest,
but this is when I am at my best.

I write to captivate your imagination
I write to be read,
and you found the time
And I am always patient.

Rob Clark

Rob Clark

I am a musician, a poet, a comedian, and an aesthetic's engineer.
I am nobody and nobody is me.
Rob Clark

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