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The Death Song

The Death Song

written by: Rimli Bhattacharya



She wept as she sang,
Her favorite songs for them,
For all of them she thought –
Had loved her.

It wasn’t true,
She didn’t know,
She wept today,
There will be no cries tomorrow.

The pang of grief,
It was more than the muffled sobs.

It is raining tonight,
Her tears coalesced with the rain,
Her choked wails echoed around the four walls.

She pulled her bridal dress,
Tied her hair in a portentous bun,
The kohl and lipstick she wore,
She removed –
Her nails,
She chipped off.

Tears choked her voice,
Still, she sang,
For she loved to sing,
As she sang for all of them.

She was stupefied,
The pain hit her again,
The gaping wounds bled today,
As she sang the death song.

The sun will shine tomorrow,
The birds will sing in melody,
But not for her –

Tonight she sang the death song,
They all said they loved her,
They lied.

She will silence her voice forever,
For all of them who said they loved her,
It wasn’t true.

She warbled the saddest tunes today,
For the blues she felt were the hardest to play.

The death song,
She sang for the last time,
For those,
She thought had loved her.

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