Rob Clark

Thirst, poetry written by Rob Clark at


Thirst written by: Rob Clark @oldschoolrob197   There's an appetite beneath Grabs you inside, deep Until satisfied, you're denied sleep. Can't si...
She Is, a poem written by Rob Clark, a musician and poet, at

She Is

She Is written by: Rob Clark @oldschoolrob197   She's Love sublime  and sometimes  she's hurting pain And how she became mine  I ...
Melt written by Rob Clark at


Melt written by: Rob Clark @oldschoolrob197   I remember being lost, crisscrossed, inside the belt of being totally compelled to break the weld, o...
Pros of Prose written by Rob Clark at

Pros Of Prose

Pros of Prose written by: Rob Clark @oldschoolrob197   My Poetry ????? ...well, it's... Raw emotion - Its Inscripted Description Revealing healing sc...
Rob Clark

Rob Clark

I am a musician, a poet, a comedian, and an aesthetic's engineer. I am nobody and nobody is me.