Winter Embers, poetry by Rob Clark at
Light Field Studios

Winter Embers

Winter Embers

written by: Rob Clark



You see,
it’s not all about
the warm squeeze
of the pink
deep beneath
It’s also the mystique
of the ink
on her skin

Her dark eyes
& hard goodbyes
I never worry about
where she’s been
Nor hurry her back around
to experience her again

You can’t force flowers into bloom

A blooming anguish
Blossoming hunger pangs
The perfect confection
draped in chains
Afraid of change

I spill
from the quill
dripping sin
Scribing scripture
across her skin
Once again
to no end

A patient breath
Darkness broods
She shifts gears
Her flux of moods

The winter’s chill
starts to feel
like homes at times
The night sky whispers nostalgia as the stars
tug on the Soul
Whispering wicked wonder
Calling it home

An alien on a spinning mud ball
Making laps around a blistering inferno
A galactic arm’s pale blue fingernail

Your night sky
burns brighter than daylight
I bask in all of it
Grateful for it all in full awe of it
In all the unimaginable tasks
I couldn’t even grasp,
much less ask of it

Full moon on the horizon
Passion is a fire rising
into the night
with me
Truly alive
into the void of light
The deep

I invest
into the darkness
of your depths
pressed against wetness
To leave you breathless…

I mark it off the checklist
& get completely lost
your softness …


It’s obvious.
Isn’t it?
Rob’s tossed across
her lip gloss…
Exploding in the moment.
Lost in it –

It’s plain to see
He remains to be
Wrapped around her finger
He loiters & lingers
With spangled eyes
Like that of dreamers
True believer
There’s nothing sweeter
than her

Messages linger
but the pleasure those
vestiges bring her
are limited
compared to the treasure trove
the intenseness of his kiss

Plucking her stings
Incredible fidelity
leading her to sing
an unforgettable melody
melting into oceans
of pure emotions

Fortified from the winter
I stoke the embers

your ghost whispering

I settle into melancholic reminiscing
to re-member
to put the pieces
together again

It’s never completed

Remembering never ends

My heart
of the tundra
outside the door

Sober & back into the living
Then she came along
to broker addiction

Her blue sky
was a new high
to chase
Too busy
trying not to lose face
I tried to recover
but it was too late

beyond being imagined
In my reckless abandon
to be the last one standing

Reigning ink
the screen
Out Of fOcus
Iиteиtioиs uиcleaя
Not to mention
the fear
bяooding beиeath
Looped doom
Past on repeat

Retina detached
to readjust the parallax
& keep the image intact

I keep
the miяяoя diяty
so that I can’t see me clearly

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