Summer Seduction written by Joy Joyancel at

Summer Seduction

Summer Seduction

written by: Joy Joyancel



She peaked at him from beneath her lashes, Surrounded by his friends several tables away,

He wondered how come she had such long lashes, She was alone her friends probably temporarily away,

She licked her lips which felt dry in the summer heat, She knew it was just in her mind gloss recently applied,

He followed the gesture shivering in the summer heat, Her lips glowed with a mild pink tint gloss recently applied,

She looked away not wanting to be caught staring, His brown eyes had almost caught her own, his chocolate skin glowed in the heat,

He saw the light tint on her cheeks and wanted to be caught staring, Her golden eyes had turned away, her skin flushed pink in the heat,

Her friends came back and they lapsed into conversation, She hated and loved the fact that they reined in her wayward thoughts,

He tuned back to his own conversation, disliking her attention taken away he marinated in his wayward thoughts,

She not so discretely scribbled on a white napkin, and with one last heated look at the brown-eyed man walked away with her squad hoping for a summer fling,

He walked by the empty table and saw three blue numbers on a white napkin, looking on at her retreating figure he hoped for more than a summer fling.

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