Christmas Eve on The Prairie, poem by Ladybug at

Christmas Eve on The Prairie

Christmas Eve on The Prairie

written by: Ladybug


Twas Christmas Eve, and all through the cabin
The children were gigglin’ and loudly gabbin’
The hose were hung on the mantle with love,
While the Heavenly Father smiled from above.

The children were cozy in their feather beds.
Dreams of peppermints filled their heads.
Ma in her gown and Pa in his sleepin’ cap,
Had just gone to bed for a Christmas nap.

When out on the prairie arose such a prattle,
Pa thought it must be his restless cattle.
He ran to the window to take a small peek
Somethin’ alarmin’ did his eyes seek.

The moon spread its light on the prairie snow.
It gave a sparkle to the ragweed below.
Pa’s eyes became wide with surprise,
As he saw an old man, strange and wise.

He was drivin’ a sleigh led by eight steer.
They were covered in fur from front to rear.
That little ol’ man in the front of the sleigh,
Was Saint Nicholas on his way.

As Santa drew nearer, he let out a yell.
Eight oxen names did his mouth hail.
“Now Bossie and Flossie! Now Skeeter and Dan!
On Petunia! On Bessie! On Sassie and Nan!

Git on de roof and git up ta speed!
Let’s git goin’ with this Christmas Eve deed!”
As cornfields are cut down by locusts in flight,
So quick was Santa on that Christmas Eve night.

Up to de roof the steer flew wid ease.
Toys flew everywhere as Santa did sneeze.
He jumped to the ground and picked them all up.
Santa almost forgot the stuffed brown pup.

Santa spied a ladder leanin’ on de cabin wall.
He climbed it so quick; he almost had a fall.
As Pa turned around ta go back to his bed,
He heard a loud “Ouch!” as Santa bumped his head.

Down the chimney he came landin’ in the ashes.
He even had soot on each of his eye lashes.
Santa had a furry coat and cap of navy blue.
He was dressed in overalls and a plaid shirt too.

A tater sack he had flung over his shoulder.
It reminded Pa of a peddler from Boulder.
Santa’s smile was grand and his eyes were aglow.
His well groomed beard was as white as the snow.

Santa’s cheeks and nose were red like a berry.
His teeth were white like milk from a dairy.
A corncob pipe Santa held between his lips.
Laughter shook him from belly to hips.

He was silent as he began his Christmas fun.
Up the chimney he flew when he was done.
Santa jumped in his sleigh and whistled to his team.
They were used to the Christmas Eve scheme.

The oxen flew quickly across the winter sky,
So fast, snowflakes spattered in Santa’s eye.
As they flew away; Santa gave a Yuletide cheer;
“Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!”

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