My Christmas Angel, a poem by Ann Parker at
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My Christmas Angel

My Christmas Angel

written by: Ann Parker


I’d hung the last bauble and switched on the lights
And stood back to look – it didn’t look right.
The tinsel and garlands and bows were all there,
But something was missing, it looked very bare.
Where was my old star, for the top of the tree?
Not that it mattered, there was no one to see.
All nights were now silent, all mid-winters bleak.
No family to hug and no friends to speak.

Then I saw a flash out the side of my eye.
I got a bit scared, I’m not going to lie.
A bright ball of light just grew and grew –
A Christmas angel, somehow I knew.
“From this time on there’ll be no lonely days.
We heard your sadness each time you prayed.
The star that you seek is now hanging outside.
Like the very first Christmas, this will be a sign.”

In a blink, she took her place on my tree.
I worried that something might happen to me.
But I looked out the window and guess what I saw.
A long line of people walked up to my door.
Some carried presents or mince pies and things.
I almost expected to welcome three kings.
We pulled crackers and laughed and I felt young again.
The star and my angel had given me friends.

Now I look for a star or a sign I can see,
To help someone else that is lonely like me.
As I learnt something else on that magical night,
That in the word and His story, Christmas starts with Christ.

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