Syntropy, a poem by Joseph Mannino at



written by: Joseph Mannino


In the distant rolling swell
Where reality won’t breach
A persistent tolling bell
Sounds where sanity can’t reach

Charter passage to reason
Aboard any Dreamtime ship
Pack baggage for the season
Cause this is no daytime trip

Sail out beyond the breakers
Towards that beckoning knell
Where sirens spawned forsakers
Casting a reckoning spell

Perception gets flipped around
Cognition, torn asunder
The vessel gets ripped aground
Preceding forlorn plunder

You have now arrived outside
Of your subjectivity
Before you survive the tide
Embrace creativity

Where effect proceeds the cause
While the in surrounds the out
All outcome exceeds the pause
When belief confounds the doubt

The conclusion shapes the plot
Before hither turns to fro
Sudden friction scrapes the knot
While the boiler burns below

The subtle motions betray
A chance of premonition
From the salty ocean spray
Arose your inhibition

The former brings the latter
Cognition shapes your reason
The siren sings to flatter
When time escapes the season

So soon, your eyes will adjust
To the paradox, we see
Before your mind fill with rust
We must cast rocks back to sea

We must run before we crawl
Even climb ahead of reach
Scribble what we swore to scrawl
Or wash up dead on the beach

The expansion still proceeds
All the biggest of the bangs
Every speck of silt exceeds
All the deepest of your pangs

So moor your vessel soundly
In this port of discontent
While you wrestle profoundly
In the courts of malcontent

Judgment no longer factors
Perception, born of wonder
Sense, the stronger attractors
From logic sworn to blunder

So cast your net way out wide
Manifest your soul’s true path
Let reason betray your pride
While sirens extoll the wrath

At last, you’ll sail to the end
Of this futile exercise
What logic fails to amend
Becomes brutal compromise

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