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Vasile Trif

Butterfly Hunt

Butterfly Hunt

written by: Vasile Trif


The liquefied blood Moon
pulverized into myriads of microns
from anemone petals
makes you sense the flapping of butterflies’ wings
which build their transparency
it upsets the Milky Way
Helios, just awakened from sleep, sends his solar wind to gather them all
to count them and then to send them
to rotate as in a beehive, until they become one
thus recreating
the magnetic body of beautiful Selena

so as not to leave the waters breathless
and lacking the lilting dance of the tides
he prepares his chariot of fire
every morning, with the jeweller’s exactness
he sends the wind into the spokes
and then goes hunting
the one and same butterfly hunt



The Miraculous Draught of Fishes, 2023, mixed media on paper, 9,65 X 7,68 po

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