My Shadow, prose by Jamie B at

My Shadow

My Shadow

written by: Jamie B


In the dimly lit room, she stood face to face with her shadow, a silent companion that mimicked her every move. The woman’s eyes locked with the dark silhouette cast upon the wall, a distorted reflection of herself. Anger simmered within her as she felt the weight of her own frustrations projected back at her.

“You haunt me,” she whispered, her voice filled with resentment. “You follow me everywhere, a constant reminder of my flaws and insecurities.”

The shadow remained motionless, a stark contrast to the turmoil raging within the woman. It seemed to mock her, a twisted mirror of her innermost thoughts and fears.

“You are nothing but a shapeless void, a twisted version of who I am,” she spat, her words dripping with contempt. “I will not be defined by you, by this darkness that clings to me like a shroud.”

As the argument raged on, the woman’s resolve hardened. With a fierce determination, she vowed to confront her shadow, to face her inner demons head-on, and emerge stronger than before. In that moment of defiance, she found a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness, a spark of light to guide her through the storm.

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