On Passion, written by Alexander Wolff at Spilwords.com

On Passion

On Passion

written by: Alexander Wolff


From pools of cyanide cry slippery fish
On my step it is, and red waters rush

Entrails creeping up my clumsy step
I look at this rushing stream of blood
In hunt, this river ransacks the land
Facing jagged rocks with ashen rose

Falling away in the sweet, salty waters
Of blue to red and love and hate
Across this desolate land it strides

From burnt forest to fresh blades
Haggard thickets and charred bramble
Bathed in pools of insatiate desire then
Sent ablaze by fires of passion

Let blood spill and suave rivers approach
A deer in headlights has no hope

The flood is here and the siren sang too late
Rising up and up the canyons of fate

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