Pillow Talk, written by Sharil Miller at Spillwords.com

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

written by: Sharil Miller


If you were lying beside me tonight
Would you keep me at arm’s length or hold me tight

What sweet nothings would you whisper in my ear
Would you bare your soul for me to finally hear

Would your words tear my heart at the seams
Or would your words fulfill my dreams

Face to face looking into each other’s eyes
Would truth be spoken or would it be lies

Would words spoken between us be so deep
That dawn would find us without sleep

Lying together beneath the sheet
Would your words be tangled up like our feet

Would I be in your sweet embrace
Would it be kisses from your lips that I would taste

While the moon was high in the sky above
Would you be speaking the language of love

In pillow talk what would you say
Would you ask me to go or beg me to stay

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