Passionate Ashes, written by Sharil Miller at

Passionate Ashes

Passionate Ashes

written by: Sharil Miller


A charmed life she did not lead
In fact, it may have weakened a lesser breed

Like a phoenix from the ashes she did rise
With ever growing determination and strength in her eyes

She vowed nothing in life would drag her down
Her face always glowing with a smile rarely a frown

From the outside looking in one would never know
Keeping it to herself not letting it show

It’s said that eyes are the windows to the soul
And hers were as dark as coal

But if one took the time to look deep within
Seen would be that her love of life always shines brightly never dim

Her passion for life kept her moving on
She refused to allow it to use her as a pawn

Even if at times she was brought to her knees
Her victories over life’s battles always set her free

She never wore armor to protect her from life
She charged head on naming battles as challenges not strife

Although life could have left her broken and shattered
Clothed only in rags that were worn and tattered

She chose instead to wear her scars as her best attire
A stunning dress woven of hellfire

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