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written by: Imrankhan Bhayo


It's the circus of time
Running behind time
Mind is the shadow of time
Heart is the ticking of time
You remember your time
As we are the player of time
It's the digital time
But I love the real time
That has no breaking time
Every instant is the golden time
Don't think about time
But only try to use time
Eating time
Working time
And sleeping time
Are created not by time
There is the big story of time
Like our meeting time
When do you come to tell the time?
Where is the perfect time?
How do you use this time?
There are many questions about time?
Do you understand the time?
If you forget your time
And don't remember your last time
That was your lovely time,
So will you open your all time?
What is the matter of time?
It's a question what is the time?
Simply tell the perfect time
Don't look at the others' time
But try to know own time
That's your time
I'm waiting for my time
When I find the exact time
That'll be my successful time
So there is no complaint against time
Because we create our time
Dividing time
And fighting for time
Is the bad story of time
At this time
But wait this time
Next time
I'll define right time
That'll be my time

Imran Khan Bhayo

Imran Khan Bhayo

I'm a police officer from Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan. A reader and writer of history, novels and poetry.
Imran Khan Bhayo

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