Sweetheart, a poem written by Imrankhan Bhayo at Spillwords.com



written by: Imrankhan Bhayo


What is in my destiny,
I don’t know;
What is in my poetry,
I must know.

What is in my mind,
I understand;
What is in my heart,
I love my sweetheart.

How all are written,
I am not certain;
How it is spoken,
I haven’t the intention.

Where is my love,
Can you tell me?
Yes, in my heart’s dove,
That flies only for me.

Hunter’s arrow
Is ready now, not ‘morrow
To aim at the marrow
Of the love’s sparrow

Mostly, I try to save
In any way
To bring out from a dark cave
By my heart’s way

Turning on my heart’s light,
I finally found my love’s might
With my lovely sight
To break the last fight

Not to compel anyhow
But to kowtow, how and now
Don’t tolerate this crow
Sit before my love’s row

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