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written by: Glen McKenzie



the past came rushing through
filling the recesses of
my mind with flashes
blazing backwards to years
long gone

memories of long-forgotten events
now suddenly awakened from
a deep sleepy state
jolting my soul alive
once more

remembering many victories won
the celebrations of milestones
with family and friends
some old some new
all are good

greatest memories created from seemingly
insignificant little family treasures
moments forever etched deeply
and forever remembered
and always cherished

much in life is paramount
but what is more meaningful
then love, family and
those memories which
bond you together

Glen McKenzie

Glen McKenzie

A +50-year-old(although very young at heart) hiker; canoe tripper; adventurer and outdoor enthusiast who enjoys craft beer.

Hiking, canoe tripping as well as other outdoor adventure activities, can be seen as a metaphor for living. Both are journey’s filled with scores of good and not so good steps. Highs and lows; successes and failures.

Over the years, have realized that spending time in the outdoors pursuing whatever type of outdoor activity you choose opens up a wonderful and life-changing array of lessons on living and ourselves if, we are willing to stop, observe and listen.

Come and join me.
Glen McKenzie

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