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Corporate Chaos

written by: Bipul Banerjee


Steel elevators swiftly ferrying
Lifeless puppets
Floor to floor
To cold boardrooms

The 9 to 5 punch cards
Occasionally infuse
Life in otherwise

Moulds of indifference
Where everyone is
‘Plugged-in’, phones smarter than humans

Who holds the strings to them?

All party to a cold blooded race
Criminals of cut-throat competition
All resting on
Shining book-selves

It is a jungle
Carnivorous beings
Full of
Moving violently
To be the first
To kill!!

Yes, to kill
And what great success
Has been achieved!

Humanity has been killed
They experience solace
The suicidal killers
Cruise on to spiritual vacations
Yoga and meditation

Knowing not
What crime have
They committed and
Against whom??

Had it not been the encounter
All would have found
Peace within…

Bipul Banerjee ('Dusk')

Bipul Banerjee ('Dusk')

The author is management leader by profession.
He has 5 research publications to his name in the field of CRM and two book chapters.
A well read and vastly published poet.
Featured among 100 emerging poets of Asia.
Featured poet of the month in PoetrySoup in 2016-17.
Featured poet as contemporary Asian poets of 2016-17.
Featured artist of the week in The 13Alphabet Magazine 2017-18.
Featured artist at the St.Charles Artsfest gallery- Chicago 2018.
20 international and 25 national poetry publications in paper backs and e-books.
Popularly known as ‘Dusk’ in literary circles.
Bipul Banerjee ('Dusk')

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