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written by: Anupama Mishra


A flower prospered in my yard
During the last few days,
I peeped into her face and tried to know its name,
I was helpless but amazed,
Its tiny strand like petals
were shining brightly,
As in father's presence
a daughter's radiant face,
I used to steal glances at it
to speculate its ontogeny.
It revived me each time, as I
took a glimpse,
My fancies took wings, and flew to different directions,
Sometimes it looks like a white river
In its vibrant phase,
Sometimes it seemed to me
like a light skinned girl
Standing with her majestic demeanour,
Being amazed by its magnificence
I asked my mother about
the glory of efflorescence,
she laughed and whispered in my ears,
The secret
It will flee,
it will blow with the wind,
But you can make a wish
Before it flies away,
Counting the left diminishing days
Of my dear friend's departure,
My heart was flooded with turbulent emotions.
I made a wish well,
Wherever this flower blows,
May it be safe,
May it have a reincarnation.

Anupama Mishra

Anupama Mishra

My name is Anupama Mishra, I currently live in Varanasi. My poems have been published in Literary yard and others.
Anupama Mishra

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