A Midnight Dream written by JAnn Bowers at Spillwords.com

A Midnight Dream

A Midnight Dream

written by: JAnn Bowers



I came to you upon a midnight dream
I saw your face,
The tears that streaked your cheeks
The hurt, the pain, the anger
I could only wonder … why you?

For you are such a beautiful soul
With magic in your fingertips
And talent in your veins
With your love for words
The universe should be yours

But all I saw was your pain
The broken heart
The battered soul
The bruised shadow
You feared the most

So I reached and kissed your lips
Took you in my arms of safety
Cradled you like a newborn baby
Sung to you the words of angel glory
While heaven watched

I saved your soul
With this gentle poem
Of ever-ending love.

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