The Cat Accursed, poetry by Sandi Leibowitz at
Yannick Menard

The Cat Accursed

The Cat Accursed

written by: Sandi Leibowitz


Avert your gaze
from my hobbled legs
shriveled paunch
spine carved into permanent arch
red skin flaking
flea-bitten, pustule-ridden
my lank fur falling out in clumps

Do you remember what I
once was
how fat and sleek and soft
how gold my eyes glowed
that day you placed me
in your baby’s crib
to divert the demons’ notice
soak up each misfortune and affliction?

Spit three times and shudder
as I limp wheezing past
My sightless eyes don’t need
to find you, I can sniff your guilt
don’t need to hear you shrink
against the alley wall
your footsteps retreat from my shadow
as you run towards the light
your home
your good supper
that perfect, healthy child

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