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The Room That Holds Me

written by: JAnn Bowers



Walk through the door
Of this tiny room
Glance around
Sit for awhile
The many calendars hanging
Of different years
Of different rock bands
The small bed
The antique dresser
The bedside table
The odds and ends
Of knickknacks
Of plaques
Of handmade crafts
The smell of candle wax
Left over scents of incense
Peek at the jewelry
Strung here and there
The stereo
Which plays her favorite band
The laptop
She writes her poetry on
The hundreds of notebooks
Folders, pens, and markers
Adult coloring book
The old dusty floor
The awful salmon pink and baby blue walls
The tie die blanket for a curtain
The family photos
Of lost loved ones
Memories bounce from wall to wall
Loneliness sneaks out of the closet

This is me…
Who you have cherished.

JAnn Bowers

JAnn Bowers

+ JAnn is an award-winning poet. She is the owner of Echoic Blog & E-Magazine. She has written poetry for all ages.Her poetry pertains mostly to love, spiritual, inspirational and life issues. She is in the process of writing her next poetry book and her memoir.
+ JAnn is a member of Double Decker Books where her books have been promoted successfully in the past by KayCee K. Wingfield. JAnn was voted poet of the year for 2015 & 2016 by Double Decker Books.
+ JAnn is a strong supporter and advocate in her spare time for Autism Awareness for her disabled son. She is a lover of the 80’s music scene and a yogi. She is a major coffee drinker and she believes the power of her pen and paper should not be tampered with.
JAnn Bowers

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