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Hope And The Memory-Keeper (A Musing)

Hope and the Memory-Keeper

(a musing)

written by: sidonamarie



innocence sheltered,
a child that fled
to hide to conceal herself
inside an opened Pandora’s box
only filled with the left behind light
of a child’s wishes and daydreams—
bolts her interior locks,
stands with her ear to the door
as time’s precious moments pass away
she listens intently
for the warring pulse to slow
so she might crack the door
to peek through her self-imposed chains
to glimpse the wages earned and demanded
by the ravage of war’s extravagance and despair

Yet laughter,
a medicine best shared,
seeks and finds moments
with the fierce, intrepid, and resolute
memory-keeper stationed in the darkening fallout
just outside the peace inside her door—
a knowing smile shuttles from eye to eye
as the memory-keeper,
with the heart of a lioness and her cub
and sight as keen as an eagle’s,
motions with a wink
and a slight shake of her head
while moving a quieting finger
to her soundless lips to say—not yet,
not this day

Hope giggles
from within her harbor
at the relentless and staunch sentry,
a seraph allowing none to pass,
wearing armor protecting the gentlest of hearts
amid a reign of oppressing and endless tears—
the door closes,
the latch clicks,
the fail-safe locks,
Hope sound within her berth

to rest or to play
in the contentment of her sanctuary—
warm and day-lit,
waiting for the wild-flowers of May



Hope and the Memory-Keeper (a musing), a poem from book By the Pond (Dreams, Imaginings, Musings), tries to give a feel for the struggles with post traumatic stress and/or repressed memory.  The seraph or protector, the part of the person that comes front and center to protect the child, the hope, the innocence within unable the deal with the extremes assaulting outside her or him.

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