By The Nightfall Moon by JAnn Bowers at

By The Nightfall Moon

By The Nightfall Moon

written by: JAnn Bowers



Always alone,
Always dreaming of him
In one more endless love-making scene with him
As I grasp a hold
Never wanting to let go of him
Instead all I do
By the nightfall moon
Penning words into senseless poems
With my rain kissed cheeks and a broken soul…
It just all…. describes my life
I draw words all day in my mind,
And each night I release them to you.
For I have searched for many years
For something, I can’t find…
Do you know where it is?
Because the lucky ones…. are
The ones who have found the kind of love
The rest of us only dream of.
All the while I am…
Chasing this crazy dream
Of trying to be
The best poet I can possibly be.

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