The Ray, a poem written by Nafisa Shabbir at
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The Ray

The Ray

written by: Nafisa Shabbir


A truant ray peeped out
The distant clouds thundered
It drew back for an instant
It pondered and it wondered.

The rain came down in torrents
The ray now had to hide
It was a tiny ray
With courage as its guide

The thunder clouds did roar
in the shadows did it wait
Eager was the young one
To smile, however late….

The rain stopped for a second
A rift in the clouds was seen
The ray at once pushed forward
Propelled by a power unseen.

A brightness amid the gloom
A herald of joy and fun
The pioneering ray’s initiative
Was applauded by the sun.
The ray burst forth in its glory
It swelled, and swelled with pride
Dispelling all the shadows
Which withered, and then died

Having fulfilled its mission
It heaved a sigh of relief
At twilight, it departed
Its reign was great, but brief

On the other side of the earth
It was the first to appear
Light follows darkness, darkness follows light
The ray was full of cheer

Eternal, bright, and glowing
Immortal in its glory
The ray that shone amid the gloom
Was worth a little story.

It shone and shone over the years
Till doomsday did appear
It was the first, and it was the last
The ray of hope and cheer…….

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