Fun Pacing, poetry written by Sarra Culleno at
Erol Ahmed

Fun Pacing

Fun Pacing

written by: Sarra Culleno



That book you love, it will forever bookmark midway.
Each passage, batters throbbing eyeballs, lost in aching blurs.
It’s limp yoga floors you kitten-faint.

It’s a nature walk too bracing for one foot in front of the other
– brings on
a solitary winter no one else feels,

reserving a personalised tooth-chatter to shiver through alone.
Its freeze is a sorry weight, your shackle to the blanket’s underside.
Fatigue is a new playground, where pendulum swings

polarise judgment, mood, reflex. It’s dullarding the drunks
disembarking its dizzy roundabout.
Its cookie bakes end as dough,

when thigh muscles buckle,
and your lurching centre sways
heavy, and your time’s up,
leaving its unpaced-for mess.
You can’t clear it away.

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