Still Life Love, a poem written by Michelle Dark at

Still Life Love

Still Life Love

written by: Michelle Dark


In the still dark early hours,
Our clothes blanket the floor,
Lambs wool hands cradle my face,
Gasping touch desperate for more,
You state that I am beautiful,
Voice stoic with conviction,
No chance to disbelieve you,
Your words my benediction.

In the eyes that look upon me,
The version that’s reflected,
A contrast to the one I was,
Before I felt protected.
Parts of me that flex and break,
Reinforced amid your gaze,
Your love, it makes me beautiful,
You colour all my grey.

I’m handmade in your fingertips,
Turned like clay on wheel,
Muscle sinew blood and bone
Naked, trusting, still.
You taught me tenderness is strong,
To never feel unsure,
In your embrace scuplted from gold,
Radiant and pure.

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