The Real Cost, a poem written by Michelle Dark at
Daniele Levis Pelusi

The Real Cost

The Real Cost

written by: Michelle Dark


Anyone who touched my skin
Wanted something in return
I bartered with my self esteem
Struck matches, watched it burn.

Anyone whose tongue explored my own
Spat promises they made
Forgave you every sinful act
Laid bare my legs were splaid.

Anyone whose hand latched onto mine
Seduced me to consent
Distrust and indiscretion
Slut shame to circumvent.

Anyone that whispered safety
Vanished as I turned my back
Packed lightly and abruptly
Left for dead tied down to track.

Anyone whose groin ground into mine
On dim lit sticky floor
Spoke of sex and potency
Til morning birthed a whore.

Anyone who valentined me
Drank in my smut soaked humor
Til blood red roses died in vase
Then I became a tumor.

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