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Song of The Dead

written by: Christine E. Ray



I have learned to carry
my ghosts
with reverence
slip them gently
into my pockets
cradle them close
to carotid pulse
the most loyal
of my companions
lulled by the steady beat
of my survivor’s heart
borrowed touches through
my fingertips
stolen glances
through my eyes
I am filled with
whispered secrets of
the dead
haunting and
haunted still

Christine E. Ray

Christine E. Ray

Christine E. Ray lives outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A former Managing Editor of Sudden Denouement Publications, she founded Indie Blu(e) Publishing with Kindra M. Austin in September 2018. Ray is the author of the award-winning Composition of a Woman and The Myths of Girlhood. Her writing is also featured in SMITTEN This Is What Love Looks Like: Poetry by Women for Women an Anthology, We Will Not Be Silenced: The Lived Experience of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Told Powerfully Through Poetry, Prose, Essay, and Art, Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective, Swear to Me, and All the Lonely People. Read more of her work at Brave & Reckless.
Christine E. Ray

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