Natural Disasters written by Alyssa Brocker at

Natural Disasters

natural disasters

written by: Alyssa Brocker



Natural Disasters by Alyssa Brocker at


i know what you want now


it isn’t me



some people leave your life

and you have to let them


i just…



don’t know what i want 


Natural Disasters by Alyssa Brocker at


and i can’t ignore 




my                     eyes

when i say your 
name that’s where it 



memories are only there when i’m lying in bed, wearing your t-shirt, clutching my purple pillow, 

wondering when,
i’ll fall asleep


love isn’t 




Natural Disasters by Alyssa Brocker at


i hate you for the bad times,


even more for the good

all my friends are sick of hearing your name
as much as i am of saying it

and i spend most of the time in my room remembering when i would lie awake and stare at 





Natural Disasters by Alyssa Brocker at


i remember screaming at you in the car


angrier than a hurricane


caring about you,

about us,


because isn’t that how you know you love someone?

caring so much until you’re out of words and you sit staring at a picture all day thinking about the color of someone’s eyes and how you’ve never seen something like it before and how you want to see nothing else ever 





Natural Disasters by Alyssa Brocker at


but you love someone else now and i don’t want to think about it



i’ll just think about that day in the city in my pink dress


and your shoes that never matched 


and i’ll hold my breath when i walk by your work,


wondering if you’re there behind that red open sign



wondering if i’ll say



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