PEACE, a poem written by Imrankhan Bhayo at



written by: Imrankhan Bhayo


Peace’ color is white
Everything is right
Ameliorating not only day but night
Circle is the main point
Even knowing every site

Peace is the palace of honesty
Endeavoring is the key of reality
Always follow the track of sincerity
Compromise with witty and gritty
Eroding the veins of enmity

Peace is the rose of freedom
Erect the strong pillars of brotherhood
Annihilate the roots of falsehood
Countries need this wisdom
Expand the peace kingdom

Peace is the picture of nature
Easy to read the mirror of future
Assembling is the only magic lecture
Continuity of the laws’ literature
Escalates the reality of world picture

Peace is the best pace of progress
Efforts to strengthen greatness
Avarice is the sweetest devil’s chess
Compelling the king and queen to suppress
Evidently public’s demands and desires

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