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The Girl In 137

The Girl In 137

written by: Alexander Wolff


I hear it each-and-every night
The cries of pain and fright
A cold heartache of perplexity
To love one day, then love
Goes astray

Her distress shoots down
Empty halls of plaster wall
The sighs of delight fall
Away and away each night
As time ticks on
Towards the bleached next day

Miss Misery in such agony
How could she not see
The Hallmark card was fading
Burnt and crusting at each edge

Cascading down her face
Were blood red tears
Pumped with each beat
A beat so quiet, almost sweet
But when the love fell silent
It would take her to the grave:

The ringing of death’s knell
Another soldier fell
Falling into loneliness
Emotions turning acrimonious

A black void of agony
Empty ether encompassing
Each, every day

Gasp and gasp for air
Your oxygen tank is empty
It’s filled with despair

The rose turning to grey
Its red falls to ash
Smash the porcelain doll
A gutted gift of dismay

The bangs and screams
Of broken glass and
Shattered dreams
Your time ticked away



… This poem was written down in a span of 20 minutes with only the sounds of heartbreak and the light of the moon to guide me.

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