If I Were Rich, a poem by Gul Bakhti at Spillwords.com
Ralph Nas

If I Were Rich…

If I Were Rich…

written by: Gul Bakhti


I wish to be the richest man on earth.
But totally with different veins and brain.
Will spend my treasures for poor’ help and mirth.
And won’t fight and kill men for selfish gain.

I won’t build a palace nor erect towers.
Not factories where laborers work till death.
Will make homes for homeless and make bowers.
Where tired workers rest and take peaceful breath.

I’ll buy medicines to treat dying babies.
I’ll make free health centres for weak and old.
I’ll plant the tree of goodness, like abies.
I never wished for pearls, diamonds and gold.

I’ll do all that gives the downtrodden, grace.
My Nobel prize is a smile on a needy’s face.

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