Journey Journal, poetry by Rob Clark at
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Journey Journal

Journey Journal

written by: Rob Clark




A Gentleman, indeed
but beneath
a savage animal
grabbing a hand full
of behind
Get her back in line
if she’s unmanageable
& refuses to mind
Find me inclined
to drowning digits
in her callipygous
profound deliciousness
Oh my, I’m
licking lips
& getting down to business

at the tip
of my tongue
She’s getting
what she’s been craving
All the while
coming undone

A gentleman
w/the devil’s grin
in the tasty sin
of her skin
& drowning in every bend

She’s laughing
while he’s drafting back-cracking passion
on Sunday afternoon

She can only imagine a fraction
of what would happen
if she planted herself
in the hands of this dude

Throwing no
caution to this warning
only to have trouble
walking in the morning




Sun setting
in the rearview
I’m heading to be near you
Flesh on flesh
Endeared true
My ear steered to hear you
-Whispers, moans, and whimpers
as you soak my whiskers-
Revered sincere
in these scrolls & scriptures

You are
my melancholy sunrise
Always hard to come by
the yawn of dawn

Painting the periphery
the color of Paradise

Little shards
of my soul
in the twilight

My beautiful mosaic heart
embracing all that is dark
It’s there
you are

They never abandon me in full
Each & every fantasy of you
I imagine a scene in zoom
Me managing each bloom
Tending your buds
under waxing moons
From New
to Full

& mystical

& prose
I compose
My every last thought
against the stelliferous backdrop

Eyes upon your picturesque vistas
lips hugging the corners
in the ese of your curves
Caught between your breath
and the flesh of your words
Passion pounding in my chest
against your breasts
Love perfectly stirred
These words were his,
now let me hear hers….

My fingers
tenderly trekking
finding flora
Soft folds of flesh
Such delicate tapestry
Divine & like breath
Pleasure abound

Sensual innuendo
Inflamed moments
Eventual crescendo
into each supernova
of exchanged explosions

Trekking my way
Across your
violets in full bloom
Exposed skin
Lace & stilettos set the zoom

You climb my Eiffel Tower
to feel my rifle’s power


Your bangs hang, lovely
While your body smiles
& loiters above me
in lingerie
for round two

to win your heart
Middle finger up
like getting dekcuf is an art

Stuck in a maze
at the club w/a spade
Been up for
a couple of days
Here comes trouble
& my stunt double charades
Not sure when we fell from grace
but hoping to hell we won’t be saved

I’m zeroed in
on your glowing skin
If practice makes perfect
I promise you
I’m an expert

Blue gems fixed in your orbital sockets

I let them hypnotize me into oblivion as your skin pours into a tincture of bliss & forbidden escapades

I swim through
your good girl charade
your naughty parade
I catch your beads & dance
Your whispers cascade
against the cicada ambience

into the madness
of undulating passions
into full surrender
your sacred nakedness fall limber
over that mattress
Each moment
into another eternity

Elegant whispers
test this
skin scripture

Look how all
your sensual devotions
Spill into oceans
Into a field of feels
I’m struck by the notion
to call into work
w/a “family emergency”
& will be
“tied up” for a few weeks
Make you
my summer sadhana



Sun rising
in the rearview
I never mind
the hundreds
of miles I drive
Just to be near you

Even if they become my life
I’ll drive them any number of times
just to find
myself lost in the eyes
your sacred diVine
peers through

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