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Bedroom Business

Bedroom Business

written by: Rob Clark



Open dialogue
Inner monologues
Casting stones at myself
As if getting stoned actually helps
Just the normal dysfunctional
Nothing to be discussed in full
to make it awkward, uncomfortable
After all,
comfort is subjective
I count my blessings
Back to my introspection…

Condensation on skin
Let the audition begin…

She suggested
Penetrate my defenses
Levitate my senses
As requested
I let her know
I meant business

W/her hands tied
I covered her eyes
& used my mouth
to map out her Y
I know
I made her eyes roll
behind that blindfold

Her flesh torn storm brews…

My imagination
in overdrive
As I sit
a bit
to adore the view
That immaculate backside
on such a Divine
gorgeous Muse
I want to taste
those vines
dripping wine
as I drink
her morning dew

Espy deliciousness
This vixen is vicious
Pen dripping nitroglycerin seduction
She’s just looking for induction
Overlooking emotion
This is erotica in motion
My pupils peep her
primed for an explosion
while steeping
in my favorite options:
& stockings

I could beat around the bush,
but how about
we endow
the power of now
Let down your hair so I can climb in
Let me part those waters as I dive in
Skin on skin
Bliss upon your lips
as it drips in the form of a long kiss
Bless me with
another reason to wish

Through the poses
She begins to pour
Screw the roses give me thorns
Her flesh torn storm begins to form
Straddles me on the floor
& filters me into the warm
Her midnight skin
Cinnamon sin adorned to be adored
Let it begin
Let passions swarm

Dandelions dripping
Fingers slipping
in between
while making her hair a mess

Pixie dust for a quick pick me up
From the fairy dairy
Very fresh

& Flex
Put your breath on my breath
until we’re both out of breath

A process
for progress
Cater to each request
Make sure she reaches her crest
Not a hesitation
Just a soft pause
I pour
my all
it all
To ensure that
the walls

She whispers lilac
onto my melancholy backdrop
in the dark night
I imagined her lavender
w/me as the passenger
on a joyride
Even if part time
Some time is better than no time
Each precious second
a gold mine
I’ll be missing her soon
Inflicted w/the wicked man blues

Laced trim & naked skin
Desire awakened within
There I go
off chasing
a whim

I trace
your bends
& retrace
them again
& again

Sweet Jesus
that taste
is exactly the reason
I can’t wait
to dive in

Passions read in red
You, true blue
Encircled in the purple
I wet myself in your morning dew

My tongue skims the surface of your skin
I scan the periphery
On the ledge
you nudge me over the edge
I plunge to swim the deep

until you bloom forever, Rose

Cast a line
Reel me in
so that I melt into the feel of your skin

Cast a vote
So I can tally it up
Then rally through your valley
Good love w/every touch

Cast a spell
Leave me bewildered w/a kiss
Back into the melt
& the feeling of your Bliss

In the meanwhile
Some brainy chick who’s memorized a bunch stuff
in a bunch of books
Is giving me dirty looks
When I ask her
what speaks louder than words
The serve
She stirs
The reverse
Body language indicating she wants me to see her naked
I put in work
Never keep her waiting

Making change
Playing in her cash box
I get her close and
back off
Playing with her emotions
She asks that I not stop

It’d be rude
to continue
letting my company beg
A study in the infrared
She’s scratching & screaming
as I bring her to her zenith

I wanna take a dive
deep into her every corner
until well past noon
If inclined
She’ll find
that I like
bite off more
than I can chew
I’m not average
My love is savage
At the drop of a dime
I’ll show & prove

Selestial arcs
& edible stars
All your
Baby, please
Do what it do
Your diVine
Your wicked
skin lust delight
on an explicit


¹No hidden meaning. Do not pee on me.

Murmurs of Acquiescence
as she beckons
Counting the seconds
She’s finger drumming triplets & 32nds
Taste of syncopated cadences
Tip of my tongue
on the membrane of her drum
into crescendo
No intermission
Just a prelude
to some long division

Lyrics to the cadence of your heart beat
I could start fires
with the way
I feel about you
Your eyes sing,
“Play me like pizzicato”
I pluck arpeggios across your strings
A steady flow into your in betweens
Soft pauses along each harmonic
Melodies keep us haunted

U in the spotlight
I’ll never try to stop flight
Your wings will never cost U me
You’re free
to fly
Til you decide
Here is where you want to be

Wildflowers should be kept wild
Not plucked to be placed in a vase to die
All I’ll ever pluck
are your strings
Spread your wings
& fly

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