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Rapture Chapters

Rapture Chapters

written by: Rob Clark



The descending arpeggio
Her lullabies fade
Long before love’s put in the grave
The bitter taste
left behind
from bittersweet
melancholy goodbyes

There used to be
stars in her eyes

I’ll always wonder
what happened to her fire
A million whys
that never tire

I prefer to dream
& stir in between

Tickle torture
Fickle misfortune
The trickled distortion
really makes you appreciate
the little portions
more than

Made the bed
to lay with what’s ugly
to truly experience
what’s beautiful

After the wish stirs
Come closer
& gather
the whispers
Chapters of scripture
scribed across your skin
Let the night begin

A summit of angels
Summon great sages
as we become entangled
across these blank pages

Keep me
in your inked inclines
Find me in the in-betweens
Reaching within
Deep beneath the skin
Bleeding into each whim
Lead me until we reach the bends
teach me
to swim

What can I say
that you
haven’t heard before
or does it really matter anymore?
I keep falling
head over heels
Crashing into the floor

How can I convey
to you
So that you know for sure
I keep stalling
all into the feel
But still
pause to explore

How do I say
I love you?

Into this dreamscape
I take a swim
Nostalgia sweeps
old passions awake again
Yes, indeed
There’s that familiar taste again

I’m right back
into the thick of it
Never sick of it
trying to get
my fix of it

Her cherry red lips
is where Bliss begins

A flash
A cosmic spark
She found me
stretched beyond my
In the dark
Lost in
my cause
My thoughts

Her sovereign heart
fostered the scars
Sharing an awareness
Strewn across the stars

Multitudes taken in
This overdue

I’m not sure which came first
The hunger
or the thirst
The gift
or the curse

they’re one in the same
Other times
neither have a name
They find their mark
w/o a need to aim
& bleed my pleasure & pain
onto each page

Your moon
The reach of your bloom
The deepest hues of blue
The taste of your breath
That slippery when wet super smooth
Out of breath
Drowning in the depths
of your flushing flesh
All those hues

Pretty peculiar
how this is
pretty familiar

You’re just

I couldn’t be
any realer

Hoping to
instill an urge
for you to
spill your thirst
Unrehearsed verse
onto the parchment…

Aren’t you starving?

Soul on fire
Illuminate my sky

Emotions bend
under the tip of this pen
Composing bits
Exposing what’s within
To a melody in the key of E
It bleeds effortlessly

True enough
All because
Nothing moves us like music does

Nite cap for my thirst
as I compile words
to be served
in this
#WriteMap verse

Beneath her mask
are the questions I never ask
However do we surpass what shouldn’t last?

I pace the room in contemplation
She takes the moon
w/o hesitation
then requests the stars too
I depart…



It just
wasn’t enough
She chucked deuces
Shot off
Gone with the wind
It’s been a minute since
I’ve heard
her ghost

“Origami within.
Creases & folds.
Rice paper lotus.
Beautiful fragile

The undone becomes the sum
Pitter patter
Little whispers
We never still
the river
Keep it muddy
wanting to remember…

Draped fragility
Painted on the page in ink

Тнe Biттәя WiиТәя ScяipТuяәs
(illustrated w/melancholy colored pictures)

Those who leave with words unsaid
make their own bed
Break in their own head
Some lessons learned
burn new breath
I know this all too well
from experience

I’m the product
of my own doing
& undoing

I’m all the loose ends
I leave behind
All things come due
in time

The dead walked the moon
Blessed were the lost
in their pedestrian tombs
I have a feeling they will sequester me soon
I’m hopeful
but I best not assume
I’ll remain patient
waiting for when
it’s due…

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