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written by: Rob Clark


The floodwaters
of her ink
Wet the depths
of my papyri
The sky bleeds
her poetry over the event horizon
My eyes on
her Divine feminine

Her essence is the sublime abstract
A collective

The Atman
in fractals

& unknown

I keep finding myself
drying in her ink
Reminding myself not to overthink
then finding myself lost in the thoughts
Caught in the cross
of Cupid
and he is a
I keep finding myself
letting her
break my heart again
only to restart again

Her silhouette effervesces
Love letters sent
Sealed with a kiss

Her scent
never evanesces

Her sweet surrender deliquesce
Efflorescent between
the folds
of my love notes & poems

She picks up my broken pieces
Enchants them
then hands them
to me
as the fullest parts
“It’s you who chooses
to wear these scars,
running from who you are”

I would assume
She is the Moon
reflecting Light
but I assume wrong
She is the Light
The Magic
Dancing along
the horizon
at dawn

I would assume
She is Beauty
I assume incorrect
She is Everything
and nothing bereft

I no longer assume

Rob Clark

Rob Clark

I am a musician, a poet, a comedian, and an aesthetic engineer. I am nobody and nobody is me.
Rob Clark

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